Around the world, access to electrical power – prime or stand-by – is crucial. Regardless of the application, if you are building a genset, you are always looking for the same qualities in your engines – dependable, durable, reliable workhorses that require a minimum of service and maintenance.

This is where SCANIA engines are at their best. And that’s why SCANIA engines are ideal for power generation, with the most secure possible output at the lowest possible operating cost.


Fuel system
SCANIA’s electronic Engine Management System (EMS) was developed in-house, specifically for our engines. It is designed to stand up to heavy use and harsh conditions and is thus extremely dependable. And it makes a major contribution to cutting fuel consumption and emissions.
The same is true of the unit injectors, which are at the heart of the most reliable, well-proven injection system on the market. They are designed for tough conditions and can handle fuel of varying quality.

Dual oil filtration system
All SCANIA engines have a unique oil filtration system that provides maximum filtration and minimum wear. A full-flow paper filter removes large particles while a centrifugal cleaner filters out small particles.
SCANIA’s oil filtration system remains unchallenged as the best in its class, providing concrete benefits like better operating economy and lower environmental impact.

New European emission standards in 2011
SCANIA engines deliver outstanding operating economy together with the lowest possible environmental impact. In 2011 the stringent emission standards Stage IIIA will come into force, and when these engines will meet these demands.

Technology for other fuels
SCANIA engines support the much-needed shift to renewable fuels. This shift can be achieved with existing technology and with fuels that are already available on the market. These engines will run on up to 100% biodiesel (FAME fuel, e.g. RME).