Our Group has a long history of manufacturing and engineering development. Since our humble beginnings we have developed our skills and capabilities through continuous investment in our manufacturing facilities and extensive inhouse training of our highly specialised team of staff. This enables us to offer a complete turnkey service to our customers starting from initial survey to design, installation and comprehensive aftersales service support for all our products. The complete service we offer means we can meet the needs of the most descerning customer while at the same time offering a product which gives high and reliable performace as well an an economic return on investment.

We also achieve success through strategic alliances with our engine and alternator manufacturers, who allow us to supply premium products to our customers. In cooperation with them, our products are designed and built to the highest standards in the industry. It provides the customer with the security of having a reliable and extremely durable product customized to meet their specific requirements and in turn to meet market demand.

Our vision is to be leading company in the power industry by creating lasting value of its customers and employees.

Our ambition is to supply the world’s most demanding customers with the most competitive and optimal solutions for their needs. We therefore continually improve our skills and working methods, so we can outperform our competitors. Our customer support is provided not only at the time of sales, but also for the years to come.